Maxsen and Kaesyn


Mr. Maxsen was just as fun to photograph as his big sister, Kaesyn.  He had adorable scrunchy faces that I just had to share!  I just can’t believe Kaesyn is already 2 and also that she is a big sister!  Don’t you just love Maxsen’s colorful blanket…  his mama loves color!






Oh goodness gracious, Brayden is a sweetheart and a charmer!  We didn’t do a 4 month session because I was about to have Cody at the time so when Brayden came in for his 8 month session I just loved how big and squishy he had gotten since his newborn session!  We’ve got a big cake-smash birthday session coming up soon!






I have never had a newborn that smiled so much!  Ryan gave so many grins during his session and it was so fun to capture them!  Big brother and sister, Lucas and Hannah, did so good giving big smiles and big smooches!




Teresa - Perfect as usual, Andrea. THANK YOU!!



Emmett’s blue eyes are so fun to photograph!   He also loved loved loved eating his fingers…    of course it’s fun to get a few photos without fingers in the mouth, but if it’s something babies normally do, then we’ve got to leave those fingers in!  :)   I can’t wait to see him again soon along with his big brother and sister!






Malachi is two!  Sweet boy loved running — until we found Elmo, which led to some adorable photographs of Malachi playing with his favorite Sesame character.  Every time I photograph Malachi, I just can’t get over how beautiful his eyes are!